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A/B Testing For Mobile-First Experiences

by Suzanne Scacca

In this mobile-first world, there is no such thing as designing a website near-perfectly the first time around. While we know that more experiences with websites begin on mobile, converting those users continues to be problematic. With proper A/B …

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How People Make Decisions

by Susan Weinschenk

It’s important to understand that all decisions involve emotions. In this article, Susan Weinschenk explains how you can make your users feel confident of their decisions and why it’s a bad idea to provide more than four options to choose from.

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A Guide To CSS Support In Browsers

by Rachel Andrew

It can be frustrating when you want to use a feature and discover that it is not supported or behaves differently across browsers. In this article, Rachel Andrew explains how CSS is evolving to make it easier to deal with them.

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A channel where seasoned developers show how they design, build, work and play. Coming up next: Using Firefox DevTools To Understand Modern Layout Techniques with Chen Hui Jing (Feb 19).

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SmashingConf San Francisco 2019

Better estimates and pricing, applying psychology to UX, design workflow, refactoring, moving to a static site setup, CSS Grid techniques, performance and deployment patterns for HTTP/2.

Explore all speakers and topics → Welcome SmashingConf San Francisco 2019, with everything on naming conventions, security audit, front-end architecture, rendering performance, CSS Grid Layout, PWA, Vue.js, Webpack.

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Shirley Wu, the person of the week

Person Of The Week

Shirley Wu is a freelance software engineer who combines her love of art, math, and code into interactive, award-winning data visualizations. Together with Nadieh Bremer, she runs Data Sketches, an ongoing project where they build a data visualization of a new topic every month and document the trials and successes they faced wrangling the data, sketching, and coding the visualization. You can watch Shirley live-code on Twitch, chat with fellow data visualizers in her video series Shirley Chats, or find her speaking at conferences around the world. She goes by @sxywu on Twitter. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work, dear Shirley!

Big Timer

If you’re running workshops, giving presentations or meetings that tend to take too long, the fullscreen countdown timer Big Timer helps you stick to the program.

Git History

Do you know those moments when you need to browse your Git history but it takes a while to find what you are looking for? Git History helps you get the job done in no time.

Design Systems

Meet Design Systems, a recent Smashing book in which Alla Kholmatova explores how to set up an effective design system to create great digital products. With common traps, gotchas and lessons learned.

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